Colour Correction Gels Set


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Transform your cool daylight-balanced light into a warm tungsten light. Several hue strengths in each set for differing temperature shifts.

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Product Description

What’s in each set?

• 16 gels comprising of 8 pairs
(including 8 colour correction gels and 8 diffusion gels)

Colour correction gels set for daylight balanced lighting

This collection has been chosen specifically for daylight balanced lights (ideal if you own a Lupolux spotlight or any other compact daylight balanaced light).

This collection contains 16 gels comprising of eight different pairs of colours/hues. Each gel is 12×12 inches and has been specifically chosen to either diffuse or shift daylight balanced light towards the colour temperature of a (warm) tungsten light.

We have done the hard work so you can enjoy creating beautifully lit masterpieces to transform your clients’ homes. Simply clip the gels in front of your light and instantly re-balance your lighting conditions.


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