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Hollywood Portraits Remastered – Video Tutorial


This training video, written and presented by Damien Lovegrove, is set against the backdrop of a fabulous 17th century English country house. Starring both Chloe-Jasmine Whichello (star of X Factor UK 2014) and Jamie Roche this video tutorial will show you how to recreate the enigmatic charm of a bygone era of photography.

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Product Description

This training video, written and presented by Damien Lovegrove, is set against the backdrop of a fabulous 17th century English country house. Starring both Chloe-Jasmine Whichello (star of X Factor UK 2014) and Jamie Roche this video tutorial will show you how to recreate the enigmatic charm of a bygone era of photography.  Damien ventures into the bedrooms, the music room, the library, the grounds and even the cellar to explain and demonstrate the classic lighting techniques he learned on his lighting director training at the BBC in the early 1990s.

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Video Size Full HD 1080p
File Type Quicktime H264 (.mov)
Running Time 1hr 46mins
No. of Chapters 17
Written and Presented by Damien Lovegrove
Starring Chloe-Jasmine Whichello & Jamie Roche

Sample Chapter

Camera, lighting kit and props used

All of Damien’s shots were captured on his FujiFilm X-Pro 1 camera using the 14mm, 18-55mm, 35mm and 55-200mm Fuji lenses. Other equipment used in this production includes:

  • Lupolux LED 1000 spotlight
  • Lupolux LED 650 spotlight
  • Arri 300W Junior fresnel
  • Arri 150W Junior fresnel
  • Lowel id Li-ion battery powered light
  • California Sunbounce Pro Silver/White Reflector Kit
  • Tiffen 1/4 & 1/8 Black Pro Mist filters
  • Lee Seven5 ND 0.6 soft grad filter
  • Lowel Grand Stand
  • Arri 050MKA stand
  • Manfrotto CombiBoom stand
  • Lovegrove Boom Arm

(All products listed are available in the Lovegrove store.)

Props used to create that vintage look:

  • Zorki 5 Rangefinder camera
  • Deactivated Walther PPK for a 007 look
  • Reproduction 1940s telephone
  • Geniune 1929 typewriter (ebay find)
  • Woodcutter’s axe
  • A Black Fedora hat
  • A hardback copy of ‘The House on the Island’ by Arthur Gask
  • A Bechstein Grand Piano

Reasons to invest

Video training has become one of the most affordable ways to invest in you and your photography business. Learning new techniques and image-making strategies can be a great way to re-ignite your passion and enthusiasm for photography.

With this video we hope to inspire viewers to utilise and put into practise the breadth of ideas and techniques shown. In turn we hope your newly acquired knowledge and skills will add long-term value and profitability for you and your business. You can… make it happen.

What will I receive?

This video production has been split into several bite sized parts to make it quicker and easier to download. Each part is a zipped folder containing the video files you need. Once you’ve downloaded and unzipped everything, place all the files into one folder and store in a safe and convenient place on your computer. We recommend that you download one part at a time to help reduce the chance of a connection failure, resulting in incomplete files.

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We strongly recommend that you create an online account with us (if you do not already have one) so that you can easily access all download files in your account whenever you wish.

How do I play the video on my tablet or smart phone?

We recommend you first download the files onto a desktop or laptop computer, where, in most cases, you have the ability to extract (unzip) the zipped files. From here you can synchronise the files with your smart devices in the usual way. For seemless viewing of chapters/parts we recommend you create a new playlist in iTunes, drag in the video chapters/parts and then sync the playlist.

6 reviews for Hollywood Portraits Remastered – Video Tutorial

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    I’ve been saying for months now that the current new breed of trainers seem to be more self obsessed with styling and photoshop rather than teaching the basic fundaments of lighting and photography.

    For me, in this video, Damien demonstrates brilliantly the concepts of great lighting. Techniques that you’ll be able to adapt to your own studio and wow your clients. In these tough times you have to offer imagery with substance and great lighting.

    It’s simple, just relying on colour washing your images will get you quickly found out by your clients. After all instagram is already offering this as a crass substitute for art. You need to create imagery that your clients simply can’t reproduce. Great lighting is a way of doing that. Enjoy this great training video. Martin Hill

  2. :

    Excellent as always, great to see a craftsman at work. :-)

  3. :

    Lovegrove is an film veteran who embraced digital from the off. An ex BBC lighting man, with a thorough knowledge of the science of photography and passion for pictures. He excels in his craft. From the very first few frames of the movie it is evident we are on a learning feast. Damien is a tried and trusted pro without even a sneak peek of geek in his tutorials. The viewer is taken through each scene set. Damien eulogises his thought processes simply and directly to camera. There are a carousel of good photography words. Fresnel, Kelvin, colour temperature, High key, low key. Each phrase effortlessly mixed into expressions of cascading light, sumptuous exposures, black levels and reflections of sunshine. We are treated to wonderful tips and tricks. Assessing light by looking at shadows, imparting tell tale signs that close up portraits will be fantastic. Posing tips which take the picture from great to gorgeous. Using God’s free light to create studio lighting effects. Each chapter we are able to analyse the set up, the processes involved and see the assessment and adjustments into the making of a great image. The post script of seeing the final stills is magnificent. You will also see the array of equipment used. The variety of lights, the versatility of barn doors, the importance of lighting stands and monopods and the fantastic Scattergels™ All are carefully demonstrated, with explanations of the whys and wherefores of these tools of trade.

    I would recommend this HD movie download as an essential to anyone who wants their photography to be taken seriously. Don’t be a Fauxtographer, be a photographer. In fact be a photographer with a Scattergel, you know you want too.
    Chris Hanley

  4. :

    Like all of Damien’s training videos, there’s always something to learn! Whether I’m on a workshop or learning from one his training videos, I find myself entering a new door of creativity. Damien’s Hollywood Portraits continues the journey in a style of teaching that we have all become accustomed to. Seeing how amazing images are built from start to finish.

    It’s refreshing to see a training video like this that extensively covers how to use continuous light effectively. We’re also shown how to build a scene with multiple light sources (including those already at the location), and all the essential details of what each light is doing and why. I love how Damien gets creative when it comes to light modifiers for both low and high key images! I was overjoyed to see Damien detailing some “printing” considerations at the shoot stage. Printing is often overlooked and most try to deal with this in post-production. Dealing with this when lighting your scene is always going to make the better picture.

    If you’re like me, it just seems natural to head outdoors with a bunch of flashes when its time to add a bit of spark to your images. It was refreshing to see a whole bunch of new lighting techniques from Damien. He shows how to add natural light using multiple reflectors revealing beautifully lit images. In fact, after seeing how Damien does this, you’ll probably want take your reflectors with you on your next shoot!

  5. :

    Damien, I must say that your ‘Hollywood Portraits Remastered’ has been the best! I have learned more from your videos and courses than from any other trainer. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  6. :

    Love-love-love-this video! Excellent work again, Damien & everyone involved!

    This is not Damien´s first training video I’ve seen, but certainly one of the best! As a wedding and portraiture photographer, I love to photograph glamour. Hollywood Portraits is all you need for making outstanding pictures that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of your clients!

    If you are a wedding photographer, you´re dealing with several “Uncle Bobs” at each wedding. This video will show you how to build a scene with different light sources and how each light is working and why. Something that uncle Bob just can´t do! This video is the ultimate instruction for making pictures that will let you instantly stand out from the crowd and make your work remarkable, whether you photograph weddings or portraits.

    Times are tough for us photographers, even in Germany. But actually, it is as simple as this: don´t be a “Photoshop-er”, be a photographer, create great images with great lighting, classy and elegant style and your work will hang on the wall of your client’s home forever. Damien shows in this video how to create those images.

    One more thing :)
    If you like this video, you just HAVE to attend one of his workshops! I have worked with Damien several times and his teaching ability is just amazing. Not only is he sharing all of his wisdom, his positive energy will lift your spirit.

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