Lighting Winter Weddings – Video Tutorial


This video is aimed at beginner and intermediate level wedding photographers who are looking to learn systems and techniques that will allow them to ensure that each photograph they take at a wedding has a consistent quality.

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Product Description

If you ever panic or get apprehensive on the morning of a wedding when you throw open the curtains and see that it’s gloomy, wet or windy, then this video is for you.

The Lighting Winter Weddings video contains over an hour of inspirational picture making ideas, techniques and information. Damien and Julie literally teach you how to take exciting winter wedding pictures. All the settings and exif data needed for you to recreate the 100+ images taken in the video are included. There are no secrets withheld – all the information you need create successful wedding pictures is on the disc.

Damien and Julie will show you how to light and shoot a variety of pictures from the initial preparations at the start of the day right through to pictures at dusk. You will learn the formula exposure settings that they use in dark situations and you will learn how to master the use of artificial lights. On Lighting Winter Weddings are many wonderful opportunities to make fabulous wedding pictures on dark winter days, even without using the flash.


Video Size Standard Definition
File Type Quicktime H264 (.mov)
Running Time 1hr
No. of Chapters 2
Written and Presented by Damien Lovegrove and Julie Lovegrove

Why should you buy it?

Once you’ve viewed and reviewed the training video, you will feel liberated, confident, and you will approach your winter weddings with a renewed vigour and excitement. You will feel empowered, motivated and inspired to go out and be creative. You will be able to take many more pictures that your clients will love so much that they just have to buy.

What equipment does this video feature?

On this training video Damien and Julie show you how to use just one speedlight to create a striking set of pictures in a variety of conditions. They’ll also show you how to use a tungsten Fresnel spotlight and a 12v video light. Julie shoots with a Nikon system comprising a D200, three lenses and an SB800 Speedlight. Damien shoots with a Canon system comprising a 5D, three lenses and a 580EX2 Speedlight. The whole list of equipment used is here together with a slideshow of the pictures featured.

What is the true value of this video production?

The exemplary, no nonsense approach to delivering valuable information that Damien and Julie employ, with its no corners cut, and content rich production is very expensive to make. This lavish training video is thoroughly watchable and contains a ‘gold mine’ of pure unadulterated knowledge.

Let Lighting Winter Weddings release the creative and earning potential in you.

Reasons to invest

Video training has become one of the most affordable ways to invest in you and your photography business. Learning new techniques and image-making strategies can be a great way to re-ignite your passion and enthusiasm for photography.

With this video we hope to inspire viewers to utilise and put into practise the breadth of ideas and techniques shown. In turn we hope your newly acquired knowledge and skills will add long-term value and profitability for you and your business. You can… make it happen.

What will I receive?

This video production has been split into several bite sized parts to make it quicker and easier to download. Each part is a zipped folder containing the video files you need. Once you’ve downloaded and unzipped everything, place all the files into one folder and store in a safe and convenient place on your computer. We recommend that you download one part at a time to help reduce the chance of a connection failure, resulting in incomplete files.

How do I download my order?

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How do I play the video on my tablet or smart phone?

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3 reviews for Lighting Winter Weddings – Video Tutorial

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    Simply awesome, I now have all your videos and as someone who has only really bitten by the photography bug little over a year ago, this really lets you see how it should be done. For a relative newbie like myself these are inspiring and just seem to top up my already overflowing enthusiasm for photography. All I can say is thank you very much for sharing.

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    A superb set of videos. I was very impressed with your first set but these two wedding videos are brilliant. The tip on the formula you use during the shooting of the couple as they walk out the church on your winter weddings video is superb.

  3. :

    There are not enough stars to rate this DVD set. I watched it a few times and each time I learn something new. I enjoyed watching the both of you work throughout the wedding. Every photographer shooting weddings or not should buy these and will definitely learn from your experiences. You have now made me a full-time customer, thanks so much.

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