Lithium Ion Inverter Battery PackLithium Ion Inverter Battery PackLithium Ion Inverter Battery PackLithium Ion Inverter Battery PackLithium Ion Inverter Battery Pack

Lovegrove Lithium-ion Inverter Battery Pack with Charger

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The pocket sized power of Lithium Ion is a revolutionary leap in battery technology.

Suitable for mains powered continuous lights (eg Lupolux LED, Lupolux HMI 800 & smaller Arri Fresnel lights)

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Product Description

The Lovegrove inverter battery pack is designed for use with mains powered continuous lighting kits. The batteries are housed in a custom-made Lovegrove padded canvas bag which is securely fastened with velcro to a pure sine wave inverter pack. The inverter pack is fan cooled, and may get warm with use.

This battery pack is so simple to use, you just charge the batteries using the included battery charger, plug in your light, switch it on and away you go. No nonsense and no technical skills needed. When the batteries come to the end of their discharge cycle the inverter will make a continuous tone before automatically switching off. This it to protect both the batteries and any appliance that is attached to the unit.

Unlike sealed lead acid batteries, Lithium Ion batteries can cope much better with being completely drained of power and can much more easily be recharged back to a full charge. They act in just the same way as a mobile phone battery. You can charge them from any state including completely drained and you can leave them on continuous charge without any problems.

The Lithium cells are individually micro-processor controlled with protection from short circuit, over current and over charging. There is an automatic 30 second reset if any of those situations occur.

The capacity of the cells is greater than that allowed for air transportation so if you want to use them abroad you will need to send them ahead to your destination by other means.

The Inverter Battery Pack does not come with a shoulder strap.

It will take approx. 8 hours to fully charge a completely drained battery pack. A Green light means it’s charged or trickle charging. A Red light means it’s charging.The light on the charger will go from red to green to indicate when the battery is fully charged.

Main Features

  • Small and lightweight
  • Lasts considerably longer than sealed lead acid batteries
  • Can be recharged from a fully discharged state
  • Use anywhere, in the woods, camping, urbexing etc.

The Lithium Ion Inverter Pack contains:

  • Three pre-wired lithium ion batteries (strapped together as one unit)
  • One Lovegrove branded black padded canvas bag
  • One pure sine wave inverter pack (attached and connected to your batteries)

One dedicated switched mode battery charger with a 12.6v 5A output designed especially for these lithium ion batteries.

Please note

This battery inverter is not compatible with studio flash lights because the high current drain needed on their recycle stage exceeds the rated output of the inverter. It is fine with low power or continuous loads up to 300w. There is a handy USB output delivering the USB standard 5v to charge iPads, smart phones or other devices while the unit is switched on.

This battery pack is also not suitable for the Lupolux 1200 HMI, Lupolux Quad 1500 or Arri 650w lights due to over current.

Replacement cells will become available when required. Like mobile phone batteries, you can expect up to 1000 charge/discharge cycles in a normal working environment.


Although the manufacturer of the cells rates this unit at 27.6Ah our tests show a far higher capacity in the region of 33Ah. The times below are aggregated test results from multiple tests in our studio with each lamp in turn.

27.6Ah Lithium-ion Battery with Inverter
Full recharge cycle (hours) 8 hrs
Weight (kg) 2.63kg
Height 13cm
Width 17cm
Length 21cm
Tested battery life when powering a…
Lupolux HMI 400 3hr 20m
Lupolux HMI 800 1hr 40m
Lupolux HMI 1200 N/A
Lupolux DayLED 650 4hr 45m
Lupolux DayLED 1000 2hr 45m
Lupolux Quadlight N/A
Arri 150W 2hr 20m
Arri 300W 1hr 8m
Arri 650W N/A


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