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Lupo 800 HMI Spotlight

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• Includes a 1 year full manufacturers warranty

Traditional HMI lighting (Hydrargyrum Medium-Arc Iodide) for photographers, videographers & broadcast productions.

YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: Whilst the Lupo HMI 800 is a great light for those on a budget, it has been superseded by the next generation of Lupo LED fresnel lighting.

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Product Description

Trade Enquiries WelcomeThe Lupo, formerly Lupolux, 800 HMI spotlight takes about three minutes to reach peak brightness and correct colour temperature, just like a data projector. During this warm up phase the colour of the light will vary slightly. Once lit, the light will continue to burn for as long as you need. Once switched off, the 800 will not ‘re-strike’ for about four or five minutes until the bulb is once again cool. The lamp life is over 12,000 hours and the lights are extremely resilient, so you need not fear about the bulb blowing if switched on while still hot. Unlike other continuous lamps, the outer shell will get no hotter than an average household radiator and the light created will stay as cool as your subject.

Features of Lupo HMI continuous lighting

  • Beautiful cool light rendering
  • Ideal for Hollywood lighting
  • Flood and spot control
  • Simple to use
  • All the benefits of continuous lighting
  • Super lightweight construction
  • Small and compact
  • Vastly more affordable than other HMI lighting
  • Technical email support for all customers
  • Quiet running ideal for videographers

The Fresnel Spot Daylight 800 (5600°K)

The Lupo 800 has a power consumption of 150w and has a light output roughly equivalent to an 800w tungsten light fitted with full CTB gel, hence the 800 in it’s name.

The ‘800’ is the photographers subtle light of choice to be used where an Arri 300w might have been chosen. It has a super wide even light pattern in full flood mode and can zoom into a football sized spot of light at 3m distance. It is silent in operation and perfect for movie making too. You can gel this lamp with a full CTO (colour temperature orange) gel to match a tungsten lit interior and still get the same light output as the Arri 300w unit. The bulbs last a great deal longer too, so in the long term the running cost of this light will be lower than the Arri.

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Whilst the Lupo HMI 800 is a great light for those on a budget, it has been superseded by the next generation of Lupo LED fresnel lighting.

Comparison of Lupo spotlights

DayLED 650
DayLED 1000
HMI 800
Wattage Consumption 50W 90W 150W
Lamp Colour Temp. Fixed 5600°K,
Fixed 3200°K
or Variable 3200-5600°K (Dual Colour)
Fixed 5600°K,
Fixed 3200°K
or Variable 3200-5600°K (Dual Colour)
Fixed 5600°K
or Fixed 3200°K
Hot Restrike Yes Yes No
Lamp Life >50,000 hrs >50,000 hrs 12,000 hrs
LED 50W Power LED 90W Power LED N/A
CRI (Colour Rendering Index) >90, typical 92 >90, typical 92
Dimming Control Yes 0-100% Yes 0-100% No
Fresnel Lens Size 120mm 150mm 150mm
Light Beam Angle 19° – 73° approx. (3200 K / 5600 K / Dual Colour) 19° – 73° approx. (3200 K / 5600 K)
15° – 54° approx. (Dual Colour)
Weight 2.5kg 3.5kg 2.5kg
Dimensions 190mm x 165mm x 180mm 210mm x 260mm x 230mm 210mm x 260mm x 230mm
Includes Barn Doors Yes Yes Yes
Yoke 16mm Universal Spigot Socket or Pole Operated 16mm Universal Spigot Socket or Pole Operated 16mm Universal Spigot Socket
Mains Voltage 90 – 240V (Auto Sensing) 90 – 240V (Auto Sensing) 220 – 240V
UK/ US or EU Plug Fitted Yes Yes UK & EU only
Battery Input Voltage 14.8v (4-pole XLR connection) 14.8v (4-pole XLR connection) N/A
DMX Control Yes (via 5-pin XLR connection) Yes (via 5-pin XLR connection) N/A
Frequency (input) 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz
Compliance CE & FCC Compliance CE & FCC Compliance CE & FCC Compliance
Photometric Comparison Guide Lupo light output comparison guide

Lupo LED Spectral Analysis

Typical chromatic spectrum of a LUPO “Tungsten Balanced” LED illuminator
Typical chromatic spectrum of a LUPO “Tungsten Balanced” LED illuminator

Typical chromatic spectrum of a LUPO “Daylight Balanced” LED illuminator
Typical chromatic spectrum of a LUPO “Daylight Balanced” LED illuminator
TLCI values of new LEDs “True Colors” 2015
TLCI values of new LEDs “True Colors” 2015


Lupolux lights come with a choice of plug types. Choose between USA 3 pin (plug type B), European 2 pin plus earth (plug type F), or UK 3 pin (plug type G). Read this chart for identification.


All Lupolux HMI lights come supplied with a bulb. To ensure the safe delivery of bulbs they will not be fitted inside the lamp but wrapped up separately. They are very easy to fit however by simply unscrewing the front casing and inserting the bulb.

Buying replacement bulbs
Some earlier Lupolux HMI 1200 models may require a Sylvania bulb rather than the Phillips bulbs. The bulb you require will be the same brand as that already fitted. So to check your current lamp/bulb brand, undo the screws near the hinge of the lens. If it’s a Sylvania lamp please email us for a quote, if it’s Philips or Osram take a look here for options.


UK Shipping
Shipping to the UK will be via an insured signed-for courier service. Occasionally we need to ship the lamps directly from Italy so delivery can take up to 7 days.

IMPORTANT NOTE: International Shipping
Shipping fees to locations outside of the UK are very high for this item. The cost can fluctuate daily, so we therefore ask if you could please contact us first for a quote as you may not be charged enough by placing your order online.

A note about stock

Please note: Warm 3200°K lights are available but we don’t hold regular stock of them and a shipping charge will be applicable. Delivery from 7-10 days.


All Lupolux lamps come with a one year warranty.

Using the HMI 800 in the USA

The Lupolux 800 will require a step down power converter from 220V to 110V to work in North America. They are quite cheap and easy to find in most electronics store. Alternatively you can choose the DayLED 650 or DayLED 1000 which are auto sensing units that can work anywhere within a 90-240V range.

Don’t HMI lamps require a separate ballast?

Normally they do but Lupo spotlights have the ballast contained within the undercarriage of the light, making it far more convenient to carry and operate.

What are the main advantages and disadvantages over the Lupolux LED lights?

The HMI range has a smaller more spherical bulb which delivers a finer quality of beam pattern. In the past, this allowed colour critical reproduction to be more easily achieved with HMI technology. However, the latest generation of LED fresnel spotlights have far superior TLCI and CRI values than their predecessors.

Pros (for the HMI light)

  • Lower cost

Cons (for the HMI light)

  • No dimming control
  • Shorter bulb life expectancy
  • Bulb replacement costs can be high
  • Bulb requires a short cooling off period before they can be turned back on after use, or to be transported
  • Fixed colour temperature

Identical features between the LED and HMI range

  • Daylight balanced continuous lighting
  • Barn doors to control the light
  • Flood and spot control
  • Fresnel lensed
  • Robust lightweight construction
  • One year warranty

3 reviews for Lupo 800 HMI Spotlight

  1. 5 out of 5


    Having great fun with the Lupo’s bought from you at Focus, used at a recent wedding for backlighting in the dark, great fun.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I love my Lupolux 800. I used it at a recent portrait shoot as a light on a wall and it gave such a cool hair light i love it!

  3. 5 out of 5


    This lamp throws quite a punch thanks to the amazing Fresnel lens and 800 watts of pure clean daylight teamed with a great spot and flood knob. I use this as my sunlight source for back lighting food, it works brilliantly.

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