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Damien Lovegrove promises to deliver the essential technical skills you need to create intimate portrait photographs for your clients. All the set-ups have been lit with either just one Lupolux or natural light, hence the title ‘Simply Boudoir’ :)

  • Size: 720p HD
  • File Type: Quicktime H264 (.mov)
  • Running Time: 1hr 47mins
  • Chapters: 18
  • Presented by: Damien Lovegrove
  • Edited in real time to show each set up from the start to finish
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Product Description

On this feature packed video production, Damien Lovegrove takes you step-by-step through how to create beautiful boudoir portraits. Simply Boudoir covers all the technical skills Damien employs to craft his photography, including how and where to position the model/client and what lighting to use.

Each scene in the production finishes by showing you the final image/s captured, together with the camera settings that were used. We hope that this material will prove to be immeasurably beneficial to those wanting to offer a boudoir photography service for their clients. We also believe the easy-to-understand instructive information on the video will be equally insightful for photographers who are already offering a boudoir experience for this fast emerging market.

Each set up was lit with either one Lupolux Spot Daylight or the available natural light. When replicating the shots taken by Damien you could easily replace the Lupolux light source with flash or other continuous lights.

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Video Size HD 720p
File Type Quicktime H264 (.mov)
Running Time 1hr 47mins
No. of Chapters 18
Written and Presented by Damien Lovegrove
Starring Stina Sanders and Kayt Webster-Brown

Bonus chapter now on Youtube

We have uploaded a previously unreleased bonus chapter of Simply Boudoir to our Youtube channel. It showcases the flexibility of the Elinchrom Ranger Quadra flash kit for an indoor location. Don’t forget to subscribe and share it!

Video Review

Read a review of this tutorial by the extremely successful London Boudoir Photography company.

Kit used by Damien on this production

Here is a comprehensive list of the kit Damien used on this video production. Some are available to purchase from our online shop. Click the links for more information.

Reasons to invest

Video training has become one of the most affordable ways to invest in you and your photography business. Learning new techniques and image-making strategies can be a great way to re-ignite your passion and enthusiasm for photography.

With this video we hope to inspire viewers to utilise and put into practise the breadth of ideas and techniques shown. In turn we hope your newly acquired knowledge and skills will add long-term value and profitability for you and your business. You can… make it happen.

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    Damien delivers great information as stated on the web page: a few small repeatable tips and tricks to make your photography easier with better results which in our opinion is something really great.

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