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The Lovegrove Studio Gels Collection


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Bring your studio pictures to life with the Lovegrove colour gel collection. 37 vibrant as well as soft pastel hues in a convenient 12x 12″ size. Colour range hand-picked by Damien Lovegrove.

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Product Description

Here at the Lovegrove studio, Damien Lovegrove and his team have put together a collection of studio gels from literally hundreds of candidates. Each one has been chosen because of the mood or character it evokes in a digital image. The way a gel photographs is often very different to it’s visual appearance. All the assessing was done using digital files straight from camera. The gels were photographed illuminating a grey background whilst a model posed in the foreground to give a true skin tone reference.

The colour gels were simply clipped to a flash head with a 60 degree reflector and the power of the flash head was adjusted to reveal a range of luminance values with each colour.

“I’m amazed at just how much control there is with each gel” says Damien. “With the background light switched off the background was completely black and with the light on half power without a gel it was pure white. This gave me full control of the light density and is key to being effective with gels”.

With such vibrant colours to hand, it is vital to be in tune with subtle shade and hue changes. A small hue shift can have an enormous effect on the mood a picture evokes and putting together a great collection of gels has been like creating a paint collection for houses.

It’s easy to see colours that work when you are looking at real photographs rather than gel swatches. The Lovegrove team has done the hard work so you can enjoy creating beautifully lit masterpieces to transform your clients homes.

What’s in the pack

The Studio Gels Collection contains:

• 37 sheets of gel 12” x 12” (30cm x 30cm) in size.
• Comprising of 22 vibrant hues and 15 pastel shades.

Don’t forget clips

Sets of 4 croc clips to keep your gels in place are also available here.

Free downloadable guides

Please note

If you intend to use these gels with a continuous light please attach them to the barn doors and not directly over the lamp/lens as the gels may warp if overheated. Warping can also happen if you intend on using these gels with a studio flash and keep the modelling lamp on for a long period of time.


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