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Over a year of planning, preparation, filming and editing have resulted in this definitive two part guide on professional wedding photography.

The Big Day gives you the best seat in the house, with fly on the wall observation at a real wedding throughout the whole day, being in exactly the right place at the right time to miss nothing.

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Over a year of planning, preparation, filming and editing have resulted in this definitive two part guide on professional wedding photography. Damien and Julie Lovegrove combine two of the most powerful ways you can learn about wedding photography. The ‘Big Day’ downloads give you the best seat in the house, with fly on the wall observation at a real wedding throughout the whole day, being in exactly the right place at the right time to miss nothing. You get to see the Lovegrove rhythm and rapport first hand on the wedding day itself. By contrast, the Lighting Winter Weddings video is a tutorial, just like a 1:1 training masterclass where all the Lovegrove shooting and lighting techniques are explained in full and you, the viewer, are the recipient of the knowledge.


Video Size Standard Definition
File Type Quicktime H264 (.mov)
Running Time 2hr 30mins
No. of Chapters 4
Written and Presented by Damien and Julie Lovegrove

Who is this wedding photography training video for?

This is aimed at beginner and intermediate level wedding photographers who are looking to implement some of the many strategies employed by one of the most successful pairings in the wedding industry today. It is also aimed at potential wedding photographers looking to shortcut the experience loop. Once you’ve seen the video a few times you will have a clear overview of the pace and rhythm of the shooting process. You will also be able to pick up on the interplay and rapport needed to create a wonderful customer experience and pictures with soul.

What will you learn?

The two documentary crews employed in this production were in the right place at the right time to ensure you miss nothing of the wedding day. It really is like you are there watching Damien and Julie do their thing. The emphasis is on the photography as you would expect, and you get to see the photography process from the initial concept, via the setting up, to the taking of the pictures. You will see how the Lovegroves handle last minute changes and how they diffuse stress. You will see them work with children and animals, set up group pictures and generally interact with the guests at the wedding. You will get to see the level of client direction and the set up process that is needed to create wedding pictures in the Lovegrove style.

What’s on The Big Day – The Lovegrove Way?

Part 1 contains over an hour of well shot and beautifully edited coverage of the wedding day itself. All the exif data for the 200+ images taken are included in the slideshow at the end. There are no secrets withheld or elements cut to deprive you – it’s all there from the start of the day to the end. Part 2 is the bonus material that is an hour’s overview of the Lovegrove post production process using Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. Damien selects 17 of the wedding day pictures and takes them right through the post production process to viewing file stage.

What equipment do Damien and Julie use at the wedding?

Julie shoots with a Nikon system and Damien shoots with a Canon system. A full list of the equipment they shoot with is here together with a slideshow of the pictures featured on the video

What is the true value of this training video?

This video has been made without compromise to its training potential. With over 30 days of editing and post production alone over a three month period it has been a mammoth undertaking. The financial investment has been considerable too. “We had one chance to get it right and that is exactly what we did,” says Damien. For the vast majority of the wedding photographers these videos serve, their investment will be recouped within the sale of their first five or so prints. The experience of being at a Lovegrove wedding is priceless and as a result these videos represent excellent value for money.

Why should you buy it?

Once you’ve viewed and reviewed the ‘Big Day’, you will have a greater understanding of the processes on the wedding day itself. No matter how experienced a wedding photographer you are, there will be gems to discover and shooting techniques to employ. You will feel empowered, motivated and inspired to go out and shoot your next wedding. Let these training videos reinvigorate the wedding day shoot experience for you and your clients.

Reasons to invest

Video training has become one of the most affordable ways to invest in you and your photography business. Learning new techniques and image-making strategies can be a great way to re-ignite your passion and enthusiasm for photography.

With this video we hope to inspire viewers to utilise and put into practise the breadth of ideas and techniques shown. In turn we hope your newly acquired knowledge and skills will add long-term value and profitability for you and your business. You can… make it happen.

What will I receive?

This video production has been split into several bite sized parts to make it quicker and easier to download. Each part is a zipped folder containing the video files you need. Once you’ve downloaded and unzipped everything, place all the files into one folder and store in a safe and convenient place on your computer. We recommend that you download one part at a time to help reduce the chance of a connection failure, resulting in incomplete files.

How do I download my order?

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We strongly recommend that you create an online account with us (if you do not already have one) so that you can easily access all download files in your account whenever you wish.

How do I play the video on my tablet or smart phone?

We recommend you first download the files onto a desktop or laptop computer, where, in most cases, you have the ability to extract (unzip) the zipped files. From here you can synchronise the files with your smart devices in the usual way. For seemless viewing of chapters/parts we recommend you create a new playlist in iTunes, drag in the video chapters/parts and then sync the playlist.

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    Really enjoyed ‘The Big Day – the Lovegrove Way’. Watched it before a wedding on Thursday and it was great just to refresh myself and my partners’ memory. Thank you very much.

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    Well done on both the new videos. They are excellent and truly inspiring for me in my early days as a wedding photographer.

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    I have been watching ‘The Big Day The Lovegrove Way’ and reading your book time and time again and they are simply amazing! Thank you.

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