Billingham Camera Bags

Damien Lovegrove’s thoughts on Billingham bags

If you’re looking for a Billingham bag for your camera and lenses then this video may just help you to make a more informed decision. Fujifilm X ambassador and photography trainer, Damien Lovegrove, explains the reasons why he particularly loves the Billingham 307 bag for the Fujifilm GFX50s medium format camera system. He also showcases the features and sizes of the larger Billingham 445, the Hadley Pro and the compact S4 camera bags.

All the bags mentioned in the video are available to purchase right here in the Lovegrove Shop. Take a look underneath the video for further product information and prices.

Manfrotto Xume Magnetic Filter Adapters

Ingenious Magnetic Lens Filter System from Xume

Damien Lovegrove introduces Manfrotto Xume magnetic filter adapters. With them you can change photo filters instantly without cross-threading or frustration. Xume’s ingenious magnetic system combines filter holders and lens adapters that fit your existing filters and lenses. Available in sizes: 49mm, 52mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm and 82mm.

The Fujifilm X System Guide E-Book

by Damien Lovegrove

The Fujifilm X System Guide E-book available to download now to desktop, laptop, and mobile

“Finally THE book that I can recommend to those who ask me whether it is better to buy an X-T2 or an X-Pro2”

Fujifilm UK Ambassador, Damien Lovegrove, gives an in-depth explanation of the Fujifilm X system. This e-book is packed with information and gives a complete overview of the Fujifilm X camera system – including technical settings, how to use them and the vast possibilities it provides.

“Just what the photo world has been waiting for – a book to replace those hopeless instruction manuals. Damien answers questions which normally take weeks to figure out.”

Other Hand-Picked Products for Photographers

We hand-pick only the best products to go in the Lovegrove Shop. Almost all have been used and tested by writer, trainer, photographer and entrepreneur Damien Lovegrove. This way we ensure the Lovegrove shop only contains the very best photographic essentials for both keen amateurs and professional photographers alike. We even design and produce our own exclusive range of “Lovegrove” products like the Lovegrove Flash Bracket and Lovegrove ScatterGels.

Looking for continuous LED lighting? Take a look at Lovegrove.Lighting

A Lovegrove micro-site dedicated to Lupo daylight-balanced fresnel lights & panel lights

Personalised Leather Portfolios


Build your own personalised leather portfolio

Build your own custom made bespoke leather presentation portfolios. Featuring premium quality leather in a range of colours & sizes and the ability to personalise the cover with your debossed name or logo.


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ProPhotoNut Photography Blog

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Damien Lovegrove regularly posts his latest portrait photography from training events, adventures, seminars, equipment tests and everything in between. Full of information and inspiration to fire up your passion for photography.


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