Lupo Fresnel Spotlights – Perfect lights for TV, film and photography

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Meet the next generation of the Lupo spotlight with fixed or variable colour balanced LEDs. These Lupos are perfect luminaires for photographers, videographers, TV and stage productions. Fine Italian design and construction meets beautifully clever engineering.

Overall, these Lupo LED luminaires perform extremely well. Their scores run right up to 98, and 98’s the best score I’ve seen from any LED source. I’m impressed.” Alan Roberts, January 2015

Lupo, previously known as Lupolux, make continuous lighting products for many creative fields including photography, the TV broadcast industry and theatre production companies. With full DMX control, super efficient flicker free LEDs and battery power capability, Lupo spotlights are your number one choice.

 Lupo spotlights – DayLED, Dual Colour, flicker free LED & HMI

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 Lupo two head kits

Lupo LED spotlights Lithium-ion battery kits

Lupo LED Spotlight Main Features

  • Fixed colour temperature Lupo spotlights: daylight balanced light (5600K) or Tungsten balanced light (3200K)
  • Dual Colour models: Continuously variable colour temperature from 3200K-5600K
  • Silent operation, perfect for video
  • Excellent flood and spot control
  • Large fresnel lens optimised for the LED
  • Lightweight, student proof and ideal ENG LED lighting
  • Minimal current drain
  • Perfect battery powered LED Fresnel lights
  • low heat output
  • High light output
    (equiv. to 650W and 1000W tungsten lamp respectively)
  • Over 50,000 hour LED life

Lupo LED Spotlight Additional Features

  • Instant start and stop (no warm up time)
  • 0 – 100% dimming control
  • DMX control with through connections
  • 14.8 V battery connection (broadcast industry standard)
  • Universal yoke that takes a 16mm spigot to rig on lighting stands, barrels or pantographs
  • Pole operated yoke models available
  • Perfect TV studio lights
  • Auto-sensing voltage 90V – 240V
  • One year manufacturers warranty

Comparison of products in the Lupo spotlight range

product-thumb-lupolux-650DayLED 650 product-thumb-lupolux-1000DayLED 1000 product-thumb-lupolux-800HMI 800
Wattage Consumption 50W 90W 150W
Light Output 650W (equivalent) 1000W (equivalent) 800W (equivalent)
Lamp Colour Temp. Fixed 5600°K,
fixed 3200°K
or variable 3200-5600°K (Dual Colour)
Fixed 5600°K,
fixed 3200°K
or variable 3200-5600°K (Dual Colour)
Fixed 5600°K
or fixed 3200°K
Hot Restrike Yes Yes No
Lamp Life >50,000 hrs >50,000 hrs 12,000 hrs
Main Voltage 90 – 240V 90 – 240V 220 – 240V
UK Plug Fitted Yes Yes  Yes
Includes Barn Doors Yes Yes  Yes
Dimming Control Yes 0-100% Yes 0-100% No
Yoke 16mm Universal Spigot Socket 16mm Universal Spigot Socket 16mm Universal Spigot Socket
Fresnel Lens Size 120mm 150mm 150mm
Weight 2.5kg 3.5kg 2.5kg
Dimensions 190mm x 160mm x 180mm 210mm x 260mm x 230mm  210mm x 260mm x 230mm
Battery Input Voltage 14.8v (4-pole XLR connection) 14.8v (4-pole XLR connection) 14.8v (4-pole XLR connection)
Photometric Data Lupolux Datasheet Lupolux Datasheet 2

Lupo spotlight lighting accessories

A Lupo LED 1000 with Scattergel attached.

Lupo spotlight replacement lamps (HMI models only)