Continuous Lighting

Continuous photographic lighting kits available to buy at Lovegrove Shop

Lovegrove Shop stocks a carefully selected range of daylight balanced continuous lights and lighting kits from Lupolux as well as traditional tungsten lighting from Arri, and Lowel. The collection of continuous photographic spotlights you see below have been hand-picked by Damien Lovegrove for their quality and performance.

When it comes to using daylight balanced continuous lighting, Damien Lovegrove is an expert in the field. With a wealth of experience, he continually strives to share this knowledge with the next generation of professional photographers.

What are the key features and benefits of using daylight balanced continuous lighting?

The key features of using a daylight balanced continuous light source as opposed to a tungsten light source is the quality of the light produced. Daylight balanced LED lights are extremely efficient and require much less power consumption to produce a brighter light. The light is a pure white light that closely matches the colour temperature of daylight, hence their name.

Daylight lighting is used to replicate or boost the quantity of available ambient light to give your images a more naturally lit look. If you’re in a dark room with little ambient light and sky is overcast with clouds, then rigging a single Lupolux light can transform your photography. The light will add sunlight when you need it most, so your interior portraits can look like a bright summers day a year round.

Damien will often use light modifiers to create interesting lighting effects in his photography. Together with a cool light source these modifiers enhance the illusion of naturalistic lighting.

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