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Peter Geller’s big break came when he was assigned to cover the breaking story of a bank robbery in the south of Germany (500 miles away from his native Hamburg). The shots he took where published by all the major magazines in every country in the world. For these amazing shots Peter received the greatest award in press photography available for 1971, the WORLD PRESS PHOTO AWARD.

From then on Peter worked for all major papers and advertising companies from his photo studio in Hamburg, Germany. Whilst he was on a photoshoot in California a freak storm struck, but as the clouds went away, it left beautiful brilliant sunshine but also gale force winds on the beach where they were to shoot. They had to improvise, so in Peter’s hotel room during downtime the first prototype SUNBOUNCE was born and worked adequately enough to get the job done. With this success Peter set out to redesign his prototype and came up with the CALIFORNIA SUNBOUNCE (named for where it was born) SUN-BOUNCE PRO reflector which he then patented worldwide.

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