V Lock Lithium Ion Battery Kit for Lupolux lighting

Lupo Battery Kit – V-Mount lithium-ion battery, adapter plate, charger & lead


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The complete compact Lupo battery kit for Lupo LED lighting. This kit contains:

  • 1x High capacity 14.8V 6.6Ah 95Wh lithium-ion battery (V-mount)
  • 1x Battery charger
  • 1x V-mount adapter plate for Lupolux (available separately)
  • 1x 2-Pin D-Tap power cable

The adapter plate fits onto the vertical section of the yoke, the battery is secured into the V-mount and the power cable connects the battery to the power input on the back of the light.

The battery holder features a built-in D-Tap connection port that enables you to connect the plate to the light using the supplied 2-Pin D-Tap power cable.

PLEASE NOTE We are unable to ship lithium-ion batteries outside of the UK. If you live outside the UK, we recommend you purchase this adapter plate kit and source a v-mount battery and charger locally.

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Lupolux Battery Kit - V-Mount Lithium-ion Battery Kit

Lupo Battery Kit

This Lupo battery kit is the complete lithium-ion battery solution for Lupo LED lighting that is both compact and highly portable. There’s no need to trail heavy batteries on the floor or buy power extension cables to be able to hoist your lights high on a stand. The Lupo lithium-ion battery kit comes with a unique V-mount battery holder / adapter plate, specially designed for Lupo lights, that attaches to the vertical section of the yoke. The battery simply slides vertically into the plate and the supplied power cable runs between the battery holder’s built-in connection port and the XLR power input on the back of your Lupolux LED light.

The kit is easy to fit and requires no technical skills to assemble.


Power output 14.8V / 6.6Ah / 95Wh
Battery connection type  V-mount
Battery level display  Yes

Battery Life

Battery Life Expectancy (Real world tests)
Model Battery life with light at full power
Lupo DayLED 650 5600K 2h 59m
Lupo DayLED 650 Dual Colour 1h 27m
Lupo DayLED 1000 5600K 1h 11m
Lupo DayLED 1000 Dual Colour 1h 20m

Shipping restrictions

Please note, if you live outside the UK, we are unable to send lithium-ion batteries to you by air due to flight restrictions.  If this applies to you, please contact us for an alternative solution.

Battery – General Safety Advice

    • Please recharge using a compatible battery charger (available separately upon request)
    • Do not throw the battery into fires or immerse in water
    • Do not attempt to open the unit
    • Store in a cool, dry place
Lupo Battery Kit Connected
THE SET UP: The battery adapter plate is attached to the upright part of the yoke of the light via a metal clip on the back of the plate. The battery slides down into the v-lock mount and the D-Tap power cable runs between the adapter plate and the rear of the light.
Lupo D-Tap Lead Connection
Close up of the battery power cable attached to the light.


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