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Lastolite Jupiter Light Stand (1158)

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Lastolite light stand Jupiter 1158

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Product Description

The lightweight Lastolite Jupiter light stand (1158) weighs only 1.25 kg.  This is an incredibly good low cost stand that will easily take a speedlight on a Lovegrove flash bracket at its full height of over 3 metres. A 4 section stand with tough plastic collars.

Features of the Lastolite Jupiter Light Stand (1158)

  4 section wide-based lighting / support stand
  Aluminium construction
  Fully extends to over 3 metres.


  • Height: 85cm – 312cm
  • Leg span: 120cm
  • Air-cushioned: no
  • Plastic collars
  • Product Code: 1158

Lighting Stand Comparison Chart

Here’s a quick comparison table showing the various lighting stands we sell and their vital statistics and suitability.

Weight Min Height Max Height Max Load Suitable for…
Elinchrom Compact Location Stand 1.19kg 52cm 190cm 1.8kg Lightweight – Speedlights, Quadra, D-Lite RX
Lastolite Jupiter Stand 1.25kg 85cm 312cm 4kg Light/Middleweight – D-Lite RX, BRX, Lupo 650
Elinchrom Clip Lock Stand 1.72kg  88cm 235cm 5kg Middleweight- D-Lite RX, BRX, Lupo 650, Lupo 1000
Elinchrom Air Cushioned Stand 2.09kg 105cm 265cm 9.5kg Heavyweight – ELC Pro HD, Lupo 2000
NanGuang NG-L280 Stand  – 120cm 265cm 15kg Heavyweight lighting with attachments eg. large softboxes (ELC Pro HD, Lightbanks, Lupo 2000)
Elinchrom Air Cushioned HD Stand 2.70kg 121cm 396cm 13.5kg Heavyweight lighting with attachments eg. large softboxes (ELC Pro HD, Lightbanks, Lupo 2000)

Weight Comparisons of Lights

Here’s a quick comparison table of various lights and lighting combinations you may use your stand for. Compare these weights to the max. load weight of the stands above.

Cactus RF60 flash 0.39kg
Quadra flash heads (Pro, Action, HS) 0.28kg
Quadra flash head + EL Adapter + 100cm Octa Rotalux softbox 0.79kg
D-Lite RX One 0.9kg
D-Lite RX 2 1.3kg
D-Lite RX 4 1.5kg
BRX 250 1.85kg
BRX 500 2.05kg
ELC Pro HD 500 2.35kg
ELC Pro HD 1000 2.9kg
LupoLED Panels 560/1120 1.3kg – 1.4kg
Lupo HMI 800 2.5kg
Lupo DayLED 650 2.5kg
Lupo DayLED 1000 3.5kg
Lupo DayLED 2000 4.8kg