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The Lovegrove Flash Bracket

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The Lovegrove Flash Bracket
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£45.00 (£37.50 excl. VAT)

Our hugely popular 7th generation flash bracket is a clever combination of parts in perfect harmony.

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Lovegrove flash bracket

The ultimate combination

The Lovegrove Flash Bracket is made up of a selection of hand-picked components that turn an unique combination into the ‘must-have’ product for the professional photographer. The latest incarnation features a super durable dual-locking ball-head, an ultra compact metal cold-shoe and a custom-made spigot which means the Flash Bracket is now smaller and more compact than ever 🙂

Take control of your flash and mount it on a stand in any orientation with this nifty bracket designed by Damien Lovegrove.

A popular choice

Over 1500 of these brackets have been sold, and the feedback from users is fantastic.

Damien’s thoughts on the Lovegrove flash bracket

Months of rigorous testing by Damien Lovegrove resulted in this combination of components. Damien explains the journey below:

“Below the standard cast metal cold-shoe is a tried and tested ball head. I tried cheaper units and concluded that they were not strong enough for the job. This is because a flash gun often needs to be rigged in a horizontal way where there are lever forces not usually associated with securing a camera. This ball and socket head is perfect for the job and will last a lifetime.”

“Next came the spigot socket unit. I needed a device that would allow horizontal as well as vertical mounting on a lighting stand. This allows the flash to tip down with the lens in a vertical orientation. This custom-made unit with its 3/8” thread is ideal.”

The result is the Lovegrove flash bracket (now in its seventh generation) – a light, strong, robust bracket with market-leading flexibility.