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The Lovegrove Video Collection

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The Lovegrove Video Collection contains 6 video titles in one ultimate download package. All written and presented by Damien Lovegrove.

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The Lovegrove Video Collection by Damien Lovegrove

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Product Description

The Lovegrove Video Collection

The Lovegrove Video Collection contains 6 video titles in one ultimate download package. This collection of video tutorials includes:

In this 25 chapter full HD video training experience Damien Lovegrove shows you how he captures a wide range of exciting and dynamic urban portraits.

Follow Damien as he explores the image making opportunities in the city, using a combination of natural light, speedlights and light modifiers. In each set up, Damien explains the reasons behind his chosen camera and flash settings (shutter speed, ISO, aperture, flash power etc).

The ultimate training video experience in lighting portraits on location. 19 chapters covering the use of speedlights, big flash as well as naturally lit portrait photography. Written and presented by Damien Lovegrove. Learn how Damien moulds the shape, amount and direction of light using softboxes, panel reflectors, stands, boom arms, curtains and umbrellas. Follow Damien as he interacts with his models and carefully directs every element in the creation of his shots. Damien will also explain how he chooses his camera and flash settings throughout. Buy the full production now and get instant access to your download.

Lighting Studio Portraits will inform and teach photographers the most important technical skills in lighting and capturing striking studio style portraits.

It’s important to realise that you do not need an actual studio however, to appreciate the invaluable content on this training video. Damien explains from the start how you can create your ‘studio’ anywhere! The right type of lighting and a simple background is all you need to produce ‘studio-style’ portraits.

On this feature packed video production, Damien Lovegrove takes you step-by-step through how to create beautiful boudoir portraits. Simply Boudoir covers all the technical skills Damien employs to craft his photography, including how and where to position the model/client and what lighting to use.

Each scene in the production finishes by showing you the final image/s captured, together with the camera settings that were used. All the set-ups have been lit with either just one Lupo light or natural light, hence the title ‘Simply Boudoir’

Damien Lovegrove will show you the essential technical skills necessary to create beautiful couples portraits. Learn how to direct and capture those moments of love, fun and happiness that your clients will want to treasure forever.

This training video, written and presented by Damien Lovegrove, is set against the backdrop of a fabulous 17th century English country house. Starring both Chloe-Jasmine Whichello (star of X Factor, The Face, and Celebrity Big Brother) and Jamie Roche, this video tutorial will show you how to recreate the enigmatic charm of a bygone era of photography.

Damien ventures into the bedrooms, the music room, the library, the grounds and even the cellar of a 17th century English country house to explain and demonstrate the classic lighting techniques he learned during his lighting director training at the BBC.

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