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Manfrotto Xume 72mm Starter Kit

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Change photo filters instantly without cross-threading or frustration with Manfrotto Xume’s ingenious magnetic filter holders and lens adapters that fit your existing filters and lenses. 

The Manfrotto Xume starter kit allows you to convert one lens and two filters into a magnetic attachment system. Each kit also comes with a magnetic lens cap.

This Manfrotto Xume 72mm Starter Kit includes:

  • 1 x Manfrotto Xume 72mm Lens Adapter
  • 2 x Manfrotto Xume 72mm Filter Holder
  • 1 x 72mm Magnetic Lens Cap for Xume

Xume Adapters are the product of over five years of design and development. They are deceptively simple, amazingly compact, and superbly functional. Each is precision machined with a beautiful OEM finish that seamlessly compliments your lenses. The convenient textured ring allows for easy removal. With care this Manfrotto Xume 72mm adapter kit will last a lifetime. Free yourself from wasting time changing your filters and never miss a shot again.

Please note: A regular lens cap won’t fit onto a Xume Lens Adapters. We recommend combining your Xume sets with our magnetic lens cap.

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Manfrotto XUME Magnetic Lens Filter System

XUME Quick Release Adapters free you from the tedium and frustration of changing filters while clients wait or as the perfect light slips away. With Xume 72mm lens adapters and filter holders you will quickly be able to attach filters and screw in lens hoods fitted with a corresponding adapter. Use the filter you want on the lens you want, when you want. Great for polarisers NDs, closeup filters and variable NDs. Use these lens adapters to add additional lenses to your Xume compatible system.

Patented Design, Works perfectly

XUME Adapters mount in any orientation. Nothing to align, no moving parts, nothing to wear out and completely safe to use. The magnets will not harm your camera or lens, nor will it affect focus mechanisms, media cards, drives or other electronics.

How the Manfrotto Xume Magnetic Adapters system works

Manfrotto Xume Adapters Diagram - How they fit onto your lens

Xume Magnetic lens caps

Every Manfrotto Xume kit bought from gets our unique and exclusive magnetic lens cap included.

Magnetic Lens Cap for Xume Filter Adapters

Looks Great

Precision-machined XUME lens adapters and filter holders have a beautiful OEM finish that seamlessly compliments your gear. XUME adapters save wear and will prolong the life of your lenses and filters.

Why buy from us?

  • We are an authorised UK dealer
  • We deliver an exceptional quality of service and customer care
  • It’s easy and quick to return your item for a refund if not completely satisfied

What sizes are available?

There are 8 different sizes: 49mm, 52mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm and 82mm


What about vignetting?

All Xume rings have an extremely low profile (slightly thicker than an average step ring). In most set ups you won’t experience any vignetting issues. The only exception to this are if you are using a full-frame sensor camera with a wide lens below 24mm or a cropped sensor with a wide lens below 17mm. In these situations you may experience very slight to moderate vignetting.

Is the magnetic connection secure?

Yes absolutely. The force required to remove a filter is significantly greater than your camera would ever be subjected to during normal use. Having said that, they are also easy to remove when necessary. If you are concerned about accidental detachment, when using heavier filters (eg. variable ND filters) we would suggest the use of an over the lens type hood.

Can I use step rings?

Yes, but please bear in mind that step rings make it impossible to use an over-the-lens hood. If necessary, the preferred method is to use a step-up ring on your lens and the next higher size filter and adapter. In other words a 77-82mm step ring on your lens with an 82mm filter with Xume adapters. We don’t recommend a step down ring on a filter as it adds wright and increases the change of accidental detachment.


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