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Scattergels – For Textured Lighting

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Add texture and depth to your photography with our custom printed gel sets. Each ScatterGels set contains 5 patterned gels (18×16 inches) each with an unique design. The gels simply clip onto the barn doors of your continuous light and are packaged rolled in a strong wide cardboard tube for you to keep them in.

Take a look at our sample images tabs below, showcasing some inspirational photographs taken by Damien Lovegrove whilst using ScatterGels™.

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Scattergels™ - Textured lighting gels

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What are ScatterGels?

Lovegrove ScatterGels™ are large, custom screen-printed gels designed to create unique patterned lighting effects in the studio or on location. They are specifically for use with continuous lights so you can easily see and manipulate the effect prior to shooting.

What do these patterned lighting gels do?

These gels simply clip onto the barn doors of a continuous light such as Lupo, for an instant lighting effect. By scattering the light into dappled pools of texture you immediately add depth, drama and life to an otherwise flat looking illumination. The type of light source you have will make a difference to the hardness or softness of the pattern created. For those situations where you’d like to soften the pattern, we recommend adding your own sheet of frost gel.  Simply place the frost over the patterned gel and clip in place.

How to use ScatterGels™

We recommend that ScatterGels™ are only used with cool running continuous spotlights, like the Lupo LED lights or very low power tungsten lights (below 300w).

Always clip the gels to the edge of the barn doors and leave plenty of air gap. For lights without clips on the barn doors, croc clips are available below. Do not attach directly to the main housing of the spotlight, and expect these gels to crinkle a little when used on tungsten lights (eg. Arri 300W) even when clipped to the edge of the barn doors.

These gels are not suitable for: Lowel ID lights, Bowens / Elinchrom / Prophoto or other studio flash heads, speedlights, blonds, red heads. They should also not be used in gel frames that fit behind the barn doors as there will be no air gap and the gel will melt!

Please keep your Scattergels cool. If your light or barn doors are too hot to touch then it’s too hot for Scattergels. Scattergels will curl up and die on hot lights. 🙁 – Damien Lovegrove

What patterns / textures are in the set?

  • 1x “Alto” gel 18×16 inch for a soft random cloud-like pattern
  • 1x “Crunch” gel 18×16 inch for a random hard-edged dappled effect
  • 1x “Splinter” gel 18×16 inch for a dynamic and angular texture in all directions
  • 1x “Echo” gel 18×16 inch for a random water-like striped pattern
  • 1x “Venetian” gel 18×16 inch for evenly distributed striped pattern replicating the look of light streaming through a venetian blind



Want to learn more?

Read Damien’s blog post about Lovegrove Scattergels™.

Q. Can I use these gels with a studio flash head?
A. The simple answer is no. This is because the light source needs to be a point source in order to project the pattern on the gel. Flash heads have horse shoe or doughnut shaped light emitters, so you would need a fresnel adapter and barn doors in order to use these gels.